The Story

[r]esound: be loud enough to echo
and share your passion with the world.

Founded by Brian and Amber Baldwin, Resound Designs was born out of a passion to make a difference in the world. You’ll recognize our designs with a simple [r] that is meant to spark interest in what the [r] is all about…the [r] is an opportunity for anyone to share their passion. The more people share their passion, the more it will [r]esound throughout the earth.

Our ministry, mission, and mandate has been to “Help Others”. We have led people towards becoming the best versions of themselves through our Life, Health & Business Coaching with The J-Line Network. Resound is one of our streams of income in which we give back towards life changing organizations like Operation Underground Railroad and Unbound Now. These organizations make a huge impact towards ending human trafficking worldwide. This is one of our deepest passions as a portion of every sale goes directly towards these organizations. The remainder of funds goes towards scholarships that help people go through our coaching program with The J-Line Experience for Maximizing Potential.

Thank you so much helping others unleash their passion so we all can make a positive impact in the world as we become loud enough to echo…and until we all [r]esound.